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February 2, 2011 2 comments

Processing with purpose. On the second morning of our blogging workshop, Andrew gave us a concept to process.

We wrote a word on a slip of paper: something that we would like to be surrounded by, or receive. Then we passed the slips of paper to our right. I received the word: wings.

perched on cactus

Monarch - still for only a moment

Physical, metaphorical, literal, lyrical, tangential: the process of interpretation is open.

All day I bustled about,  busy collecting wings. Wings on birds. On butterflies. Bees.

What I discovered: looking for wings wasn’t the answer. Wings appear. For the taking. For pure enjoyment.  And it is yours. To keep. To process. To contemplate. Some of the wings I discovered:

the charming Emma Bull

The wings on Emma Bull‘s earrings, punctuating the magical conversation we had with this generous and talented author.

Allison Shock’s owl, El Cono, delights my fingertips. What fine wings it has.

El Cono

On our trip to Sacred Machine, the presentation space of Daniel and Paula,  it is the Blatta Regina that captures my attention. Her beautiful wings resplendent with symbolism.

The Pipevine Swallowtail that zig-zagged around Ellen and me, never passing close enough to the shutter.

Processing a concept is a reflective endeavor. A little bit of making reality conform to theory (remember all those chemistry lab experiments?) a bit of conjuring – like seeing shapes in the clouds. It will be useful for composing blog entries around a theme, making connections between diverse subjects, and focusing creativity.


Unexpected euphoria

January 27, 2011 10 comments

booklover's paradise

Deep in the heart of Tucson, order lives. In neat, sweet categories like, pets, cooking, health, women’s issues, travel, kids. Books lined up on long blonde shelves. Kids books on the lower shelves (how thoughtful!), travel and finance on the top shelves. What secret saint did this? Made order from chaos? Add to all of the sweetness and order some savvy marketing on the top of the shelves: groups of books, artfully arranged, displayed to take  advantage of our browsing gene.  This is no bookstore. This is no library. It’s the Goodwill store near 4th street. Dubbed “the most expensive thrift store in Tucson” by the proprietor of the store next door, this Goodwill store has an advantage. Someone has done serious thinking about how the folks who use the store will look for books. And set up a system that makes sense. And maintained the system.  Who is the person? They have the soul of a librarian. The insight to provide an extra bit of service that makes the life of the book buyer a little easier, and a lot more fun. Whoever you are, thank you.